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unMEAT: 100% Plant-based Meat Alternative

It’s a generally accepted notion that eating healthy means skipping great-tasting food. 

Not anymore. Now it’s completely possible to enjoy the best of both worlds as Century Pacific Food Inc. (CNPF), one of the largest branded food companies in the Philippines, unveils its newest brand: unMEAT, a 100% plant-based meat, made tasty from simple ingredients.

“One of the biggest concerns about plant-based foods is that they are not delicious or as pleasing to the palate as real meat,” notes Nikki Dizon, a Senior Executive at CNPF. “But our Nutrition Science team took that as a challenge, and completely delivered by coming up with a meat alternative that unbelievably and undeniably looks, feels, and tastes like meat. Moreover, they made unMEAT using simple ingredients and extracted the nutrients from real food rather than synthetic compounds so it’s healthier and more affordable”

unMeat 100% Plant-Based Meat Alternative

The launch of unMEAT was driven by growing consumer demand to incorporate healthier food options into their diet, especially given the ongoing pandemic. This is evident in the shift of food trends on social media. Whereas in the past, food aficionados across the globe constantly debated on the best burgers, social media is now filled with discussions on which plant-based burger looks, tastes, smells, and even bleeds like real meat. 

With unMEAT, taste is never compromised! It is as delicious as a regular meat patty, with a similar mouth-feel, making it the best meat alternative for those who are planning to make the switch to a healthier, more sustainable diet. Even better, unMEAT is packed with simple but nutritious ingredients. It is a good source of fiber and protein. It’s also cholesterol-free, trans fat-free, egg-free, and dairy-free.

unMeat 100% Plant-Based Meat Alternative

During the launch, Michelin star chef Sau del Rosario who was among the first to sample unMEAT described it as “the taste is like you got it from the oven. It’s tasty, it’s clean, and it’s very delicious. I would put this in my menu!”

It comes in four variants:  Nuggets, Hungarian Sausages, Minced Meat and Burger Patty. CNPF aims to market the range as close to the price of real meat counterparts in keeping with its goal of providing affordable nutrition.

In the Philippines, unMEAT was first introduced through Shakey’s Pizza’s newest offering, the Good Burger. It has since attracted a small cult following in the few weeks it has top-billed Shakey’s Pizza chain’s foray to burgers.  

unMeat 100% Plant-Based Meat Alternative

Now, as the plant-based food mania continues to sweep the world over, Century Pacific Food Inc. is giving consumers easy access to healthy and tasty 100% plant-based food options as unMEAT is now available via online shopping platforms, and increasingly in supermarkets and specialty stores nationwide.

Following unMEAT’s successful initial rollout as Shakey’s Goood Burger, CNFP will also be partnering with more restaurants in the country. Additionally, the company’s Global Brands Team has started offering the product to customers across a network of 80 countries such as the USA, Singapore, China, and the Middle East giving consumers in many parts of the world easy access to tasty, healthy, and affordable 100% plant-based meat alternative.

unMeat 100% Plant-Based Meat Alternative

“This newest addition to our product portfolio further strengthens our company’s mission to provide affordable nutrition for all. UnMEAT is both very affordable and delicious!” added Dizon.

Now it’s possible to be healthy while enjoying what you eat with the 100% plant-based unMEAT.

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  1. kielnicole says:

    . napakasaraaaap nga nito mamu talagang magugustuhan ito ng mga kids at nateng mga mommies . ito yung patties na yummmy & healthy 😋😋

  2. Chriss Tabo says:

    Wow. Nakakatakam naman yan mamu. Itsura palang masarap na. 😋 Hndi kana mahihirapan maghanap nito dahil Meron narin pala sa lazada at Shopee 😍 Check ko po ito mamu..

  3. marichugalos says:

    Sarap naman tlaga niyan pure meat. Nakakatakam! 😋😍

  4. yanpaladquisol17 says:

    Must try to siguradong magugustuhan di lang. Healthy masarap pa 💖

  5. Rose Bunani says:

    Wow mukhang masarap ito mamu aahh tska napaka healthy nyang kainin. Gusto ko po itong itry. ❤❤😁😁😁😍😍😊😊😊😋😋

  6. yanpaladquisol says:

    Ang sarap naman nyan di kana mahihirapan mag switch sa healthy lifestyle nyan ❤️

  7. Mary ann Bulawan says:

    Sarap nito ,👍👍👌👌

  8. Myla quisora says:

    I love it maamu . Gusto ko to i try ..

  9. Laarni Tarray says:

    Perfect po talaga itong UnMeat sa mga nagdaDiet at sa mga kid na picky eater😘😍😍
    Masarap na healthy pa♥️♥️♥️

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