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101 Guide to Preparing Flawless French Press Coffee

The French Press, also known as a press pot, is a simple coffee-making device that is said to have originated from France in the 1950s. The press is a glass cylinder with a “plunger” type of device that is tightly fit into the cylinder’s circumference. The plunger has a handle with a nylon or wire sort of mesh that pushes coffee grounds at the bottom, which traps them there for a couple of minutes after brewing.

If you work a stressful, demanding job, a state-of-the-art automatic coffee maker may ease your troubles of preparing your cup of joe. But there’s something more magical when it comes to preparing coffee using the manual approach with the French Press, especially when it comes to one’s individual taste.

NOTE: You can learn more about French Press coffee makers.

So if that’s how you roll, then this is the post that will guide you on how to brew the perfect French Press.

Instructions for French Press Recipe

This here is the recipe for a 4-cup (17-oz) French Press coffee maker, which is also called a ‘press pot’ and can give you 2 small mugs of coffee. If you follow the instructions below, you can repeat the process and get over 8-cups (34-oz) of French Press coffee as a result.

Equipment to Use

  • Hario V60 Gooseneck Kettle
  • Bodum 170z French Press
  • Jennings CJ4000 Scale
  • Baratza Virtuoso Grinder
  • OXO Digital Timer

Items You Need

  • 4-cup French Press
  • 400g (1.75 cups) water, just off the boil
  • 27g (5 Tbsp) coffee, coarsely ground
  • Kitchen timer
  • Chopstick or spoon for stirring

Coffee-to-Water Ratio

Whichever French press coffeemaker you use, always adhere to the 1:15 ratio of coffee to water. This means that for every 1 gram of coffee, you have to add 15 grams of water, which is equivalent to 3 tablespoons of coffee for every single cup of water. Start experimenting to determine the ratio that is best for you.

French Press Coffee

Step 1: Start Preparing

Preheat your French Press coffee maker, along with its plunger with hot water and then pour the hot water into a cup. Measure 27 grams or 5 tablespoons of coffee and then grind until you acquire the consistency of kosher salt.

Step 2: Add in Your Coffee

Tip the coffee right into the French Press and shake it gently to level the grounds.

Step 3: Add Water

Start the timer, add water in a circular motion ensuring all grounds are wet until the press is only half full. Pause and witness the bloom.

Step 4: Stir

After 30 seconds, use a spoon or chopstick to stir the grounds gently.

Step 5: Add Some More Water

Pour water evenly to the top of the French Press and place the lid, ensuring the plunger rests gently on the grounds. (Note: if you use a kitchen scale, ensure the water comes into a total of 400g of water)

Step 6: Plunge

When the time reaches 4:00, push the plunger slowly all the way down.

Step 7: Pour

Quickly decant the coffee to avoid over-extraction.

Step 8: Bottoms Up!

You’re now officially ready to enjoy your fresh and tasty brew of French Press with your family and friends.

Note: For coffee enthusiasts who have come this far, here is a Bonus Brewing Tip for you:

The coffee siphon is an old coffee brewing method that is making a comeback among extreme coffee marks. That’s because this method helps get rid of the usual acidity that is found in most coffee brews leaving only a full flavor of sweet taste behind. You can ask your local coffee expert about it or even Google it. But do look it up because you won’t regret it.

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