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Anlene with Collagen Can Help Fight Premature Ageing

Your chronological age may not be in sync with your body age and you might be surprised at the negative results when you step on the scale of the Tanita Body Composition Analyzer. The machine will help determine not just your body’s metabolic age, but also bone density, muscle mass, fat mass, and body water percentage. I actually did when I attended the Anlene event and as expected, my body age was 10 years older. Told myself I have to do something or I’ll end up in poor health soon.

Anlene Philippines Tanita Body Composition Analyzer

Premature ageing is oftentimes the underlying cause of exhaustion, affecting energy levels, productivity and the ability to do things you enjoy. It is largely brought about by lifestyle and diet choices, as more and more people choose convenience over healthy food options, and lack sleep and good quality rest.

“Half of Filipinos aged 19-60 are not getting enough protein, while more than 90% don’t get enough calcium, which can lead to bone, muscle, and joint deterioration and weakness,” says Ms. Fely Velandria, registered nutritionist dietician and former Senior Science Research Specialist of FNRI – DOST. Jo Ann V. Salamat, Fonterra Brands Philippines’ Nutrition Manager, supports this, saying, “Low bone density and poor muscle mass brought about by lack of calcium and protein, may affect one’s ability to stay active and to keep up with day to day challenges. Unfortunately, with everyone’s busy lifestyle, balancing work, family and traffic, we tend to compromise on our food choices, sleep and exercise. That’s why even younger adults are experiencing premature ageing.”

Anlene Philippines 1

For almost 30 years, Anlene has championed healthy ageing among adults of all ages. Anlene offers a range of milk products that strengthen bones, joints, and muscles to enable movement that’s critical to healthy ageing.

Each glass of Anlene provides you with:

  • Twice the calcium of regular milk and 100% of an adult’s daily calcium needs
  • High protein for muscle development
  • Collagen, unlike other milk brands
Anlene White Coffee and Vanilla

“Everybody needs to move, whether you’re busy at work or at home taking care of your family and kids. Anlene understands that adults now live increasingly busy lives and we want to make it easier to make healthy choices to improve their work lives and personal lives,” says Jasmin Magsajo, Fonterra Brands Philippines’ Marketing Director. “We want Filipino adults to live their best lives at any age.”

As part of the brand’s advocacy to help Filipinos become more aware of their body’s age, Anlene will be supporting the iCare BPO Healthy Lifestyle Caravan. A Department of Health-led campaign aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle among BPO workers, they will be visiting offices and partnering with local government units utilizing Tanita’s Body Composition Analyzer. The machine will help determine not just your body’s metabolic age, but also bone density, muscle mass, fat mass, and body water percentage. This also comes with free consultations with health experts, who can give advice and tips on how to put a stop to premature ageing in small ways.

Anlene Chocolate Powdered Drink with Collagen

Start the movement towards healthy ageing, and get your much-needed calcium, protein and collagen to combat premature ageing, with Anlene every day.

Anlene is available in ready-to-drink and powdered milk formats in plain, chocolate and their newest flavor White Coffee, in Lazada, all leading supermarkets, groceries, drugstores and convenience stores nationwide. To learn more about Anlene, visit

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  1. Reynalyn says:

    Momshie thanks for the info, We need to drink Anlene with collagen po pala to fight aging…. Kailangan din po natin ng healthy lifestyle like exercise and eat healthy foods + drink Anlene Collagen para maging healthy and fit tayo.

  2. Queenie Gallardo says:

    Wow talaga ang Anlene, sana majapunta din sila sa officeng asawa ko po sa Alorica BPO para machecj din ang health status nya, mas dinoble calcium pala ang Anlene Ngayon, high protein at may Collagen for healthy ageing, thanks Anlene ❤️😍 fb Queenie Mance

  3. Love Compoc says:

    i wonder tuloy sakin..I admit poor lifestyle din ako minsan to madalas and premature aging is the culprit talaga. I feel pain too sa mga joints and my bones are weak. Buti pa si Lola ko umiinom nito kasi binibilhan lagi nila Tita pero minsan umay daw siya. Good to know may bago na for her to try lalo gusto nya kape din sa umaga.

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