5 Ways to Style a Steel Boned Corset

For hundreds of years, steel boned corsets are commonly worn garment by women in the world. There are many reasons why people choose to wear a corset. Most of the time, people consider it as an occasional fashion wear. Other times, people use it for training their waist by wearing it daily. For centuries, women used it to bring out their dramatic curves. To this day, whether you are a celebrity or not, steel boned corsets are also part of special-occasion outfits. It goes to show that styling corsets are a timeless look.

Steel boned corset

Here are five ways to style a steel boned corset

  1. Lacing up and Lacing in

There are several types of corsets. In the old days, the most popular type was laced up with the ends of the lace at the bottom or top. To this day, it is still a great fashion look that never goes out of style. When you buy this type of steel boned corset in the market, you will find that there are several lacing techniques that you can use. One of the most popular is the bunny ears method because it is much easier to tighten when you are dressing up. All you have to do is pull the vertical loops at the waist to cinch in.

  1. Go for a sexy punk look.

If you want to sport an edgy look, go for a black steel boned corset and pair it with a frilly skirt and thigh-high lace stockings. Add some vintage-looking jewelry, lace-up boots, and a sparkly brown belt to complete the look. You can also accessorize a retro hat to add more drama to your attire. One can never go wrong with this look.

  1. Classic sweetheart neckline overbust.

You can never go wrong with a classic neckline overbust. You can wear this on a formal evening look or a special occasion. Just look for a classic sweetheart neckline overbust with the color of your choice and pair it with a frilly knee-length skirt. It’s a great way to style your corset in a simple way without going overboard.

  1. Layer over a shirt.

Gone were the days when steel boned corsets are thought to be just an inner garment. Nowadays, it’s a piece of garment that looks great as an outerwear as well. Corsets look particularly nice when working with loose tops or shirts. A simple t-shirt, when worn with a steel boned corset, can nip your waist and creates a more feminine look. You can also try a billowy chiffon blouse with long sleeves to pair up with the corset.

  1. Lacy corset over a plain-colored dress.

Adding a lacy corset over a plain-colored dress can totally change the whole look of your attire. Β Try a peach-colored dress and put on a black lacy steel-boned corset to add an edgy style to your dress. Make sure that the dress has a lower neckline to show off some skin, giving you a sexier look compared to wearing the dress alone.

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