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Getting Rid Of Allergens In Your Home

Sometimes those who suffers allergy cannot seem to escape common allergens, be it inside their homes or out. If you have family members or friends who are significantly affected, you should make your home be a place where they can be allergy free.


The simple tips below can help you turn your humble abode into a safe haven for allergy sufferers:

  • If your living room or guest room has carpeting installed, the first thing to do is to simply take away the carpet. You may not know it but microbes are easily caught in carpet fibers as well as hair and dust, making your carpet a pool of allergens. If you can replace the carpet with hardwood flooring, that would be a great first step in making your abode, allergy free.

    Our room used to be carpeted all over, but since the kids also developed some allergies that would not go away, I figured it was the carpet so I had it removed. The main living room had a carpeted portion and I had that taken away also coz imagine how far my jaw dropped when it was tested for allergens and it had literally thousands of little something moving under the microscope!

  • Air leaks should be checked too. Those tiny holes can be a way for allergens and pests to get in your house. It must be sealed to reduce contamination. You can call a professional who can do this job and seal them all, otherwise, it would be futile to rid the whole house of things that can cause allergies when they keep coming back thru the holes.
  • Your linens and towels including anything that you place directly on/against your body should be allergens free too. If you must, put them in an airtight container or big resealable plastics to keep clothes etc from being contaminated with allergens. Doing such can guarantee you of at least lesser to none of those allergic reactions you used to have when putting on new clothes.

    We usually send our dirty clothes to the nearby laundromat and when delivered, they’re in a plastic wrapping. We just get what we need and close it again, that way, the scent will remain and bacteria out.

  • Didn’t you know that drapes and curtains can be a “hive” for allergens? Well, even if you keep it clean always, chances are you won’t kill the microbes that got stuck on your drapes. The reason is, curtains collect dust, hair and microbes that floats in the air. Just like carpets, curtains are like beacons that shine it’s bright light to guide allergens on it’s way to a new home πŸ™‚

    So, use window blinds. It’s an excellent replacement for curtains and will definitely reduce allergens. It’s easy to clean and can still make your windows look beautiful.

  • Bathroom vents need to be free from dust too and fails to draw moisture out. Since bathrooms are small areas of the house, you can inhale the dust particles and molds growing on your walls. These could give you some respiratory problems such as asthma.
  • Air conditioners are also culprits when it comes to allergens. It also collects dust, hair and floating microbes, the last will definitely spread virus around the room and whoever is inside, can catch it and pass on to another.

    This is where residential air conditioning services comes in. You need a pro to clean your AC thoroughly or you won’t be able to reach those inner filters and parts. For all you know, bacteria already reached the innermost part of your AC and when you turn it on, that’s the time they come out and float in the air. You can call your nearest aircon technician to take a look at it. If you are not familiar with this, research online and you will see information on how to go about this and where to locate the nearest one from your home. In any case , if you are in Austin, Texas, and looking for austin air conditioning service or hvac austin commercial repair and replacements, you can check out their site online.

  • Plumbing can also have certain allergens like molds from pipe leaks. Even a tiniest leak can be one powerful host to fungi which releases microbes in the air and can be inhaled. Conduct an inspection together with your plumber and take the necessary actions.

Of course, when you already got rid of the nuisance, you also need to check the things you eat, coz sometimes, it can also cause allergies or mild asthma. It’s better to be safe.

It’s not impossible to rid your home of these allergens but of course, there will be some financial investment on your side. It’s better to have a clean home rather than suffer from allergies which could end up fatal in the long run. Follow the advices given above and take the first step in an allergen- free home.

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  1. When I start having allergies, I clean my room and it always works.

  2. Oh, but I love using drapes! πŸ™ they look so nice kasi eh πŸ™

  3. Thanks for the allergens removal/reducing tips. Helpful for those family members who are allergic and asthmatic as well.

  4. I really hate it when I have the sneezes and sniffles. It’s so hard and the watery eyes really get to me. πŸ™ Thanks for these tips.

  5. These tips are truly helpful. I’m glad I have come in here.

  6. thanks for the tips. I also suffer from allergy sometimes.

  7. Gigi Beleno says:

    yeah! I need these tips, thanks for sharing. Me and my son are both prone to allergens. Just trying to keep the house clean always.

  8. We just had our carpet professionally cleaned and steamed two weeks ago! We live in an apartment here in the US kaya hindi option ang tanggalin hehe.. ang laki ng difference nung na nalinis! it’s been 2 years na din kasi na kami kami lang nag lilinis e. great tips you have here!

  9. Keeping a clean environment will lessen the allergens. When it comes to allergens my MIL is the number one prone to all kinds of allergens..

  10. This is great especially for those who have asthma

  11. those are great tips. I have a sensitive nose and I sneeze easily. These will help me a lot! =)

  12. Thank you for sharing this, so helpful!

  13. Thanks for the info. I have allergies and I see to it that our house is allergy free (well, almost) but this climate change is not doing me any good. My allergy is attacking all the time.

  14. My allegies usually triggered by dust in my room. I just have to clean, change bed sheets and curtains, that’s usually works for me. Haha!

  15. I really need to do this. Hubby and I have been sick for the past week because of the on going construction in our neighbor’s house. I cannot wait for them to finish so I can really clean our place. Ang daming alikabok!

  16. These tips are very helpful to me. I easily suffer from allergy after cleaning the house.

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