Academe Philippine Online High School Launched with TJ Monterde

Academe Philippine Online High School Launched with TJ Monterde

The first online open high school in the Philippines, known as the Academe Philippine Online High School (APOHS) was officially launched last October 23rd at Centrio Mall, Cagayan de Oro City with singer-songwriter TJ Monterde as its official education advocate. TJ headlined the school’s grand launch, speaking about the advocacy and performing his own music. He hopes to use the influence of his music to further a significant cause in the field of education.

“Sometimes, our passion, location, age, or background becomes an obstacle to getting [a good education], ” TJ said. “But with the Academe Philippine Online High School, these obstacles are overcome. You see, education should be beyond borders. The APOHS makes it possible…No matter what we do and where we come from, we should all have the opportunity to a good education, to prepare for the real world.”

Academe Philippine Online High School Launched with TJ Monterde

The school is a product of a partnership between QUIPPER and CDO-based school Little Me Academy. QUIPPER, a Japan-based e-learning platform, ensures the highest quality digital curriculum that is rigorous, engaging and aligned to Philippine’s K-12 Basic Education Curriculum. Meanwhile, Little Me’s community of specially trained instructors and counselors help keep students on track with daily reminders, check-ins, tutoring, live instruction, and corrective feedback.

APOHS students have the freedom to complete their 100% online coursework wherever they are in the world, ensuring accessibility for Filipino students from around the globe. Because lessons are modular, learners can work whenever they want and at their own pace. This is helpful for students who have fallen behind, optimal for those who want to get ahead, and accessible for any Filipino learner.

With the influence he has on his listeners, TJ hopes to serve as a source of inspiration to Filipinos, not just through music but through education as well.

For more details, check Academe Philippine Online High School (APOHS) Facebook page at

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