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Kwikset Smart Locks – The Most Durable Doorknobs and Locks in the Market! #KwiksetManila

Professional thieves are like ninjas in the night, next thing you know, your house has been robbed! There will be sleepless nights after because you feel your safety has been compromised. Of course, locks need to be changed and it will be a really stressful task of comparing and deciding which is better. But why go through the ordeal of being robbed when you can prevent thieves from doing so? I’ll save you the trouble of looking for the best doorknobs and locks in the market – try Kwikset Smart Locks! I have seen and tested it myself!


I attended the Kwikset Roadshow Manila 2018 event last month because I intend to replace our old doorknobs and locks. When you buy at the mall, you won’t be able to test the durability, you just have to be content with the sales talk and trust your gut. It doesn’t always work to your advantage. Most often you’d be disappointed, even if you buy the most expensive locks. So, for me, seeing is believing because your family’s safety and lives depend on it.

Watch this short video to see what I meant above. Photos won’t do justice so you need to watch to believe. I actually hammered the lock with all my might and channeled all anger just so I can at least make a dent. I did make a slight scratch but who would do something like this when you want to rob a house? You’d be calling the attention of the whole neighborhood, hahaha. But, now I know which brand to buy – Kwikset Smart Locks!

Kwikset is the leading lock manufacturer in the world, and they want to educate the Filipinos about the importance of doorknobs safety features. At the Kwikset Roadshow Manila 2018 Vice President and Managing Director of APAC Spectrum Brands Inc., Dave Albert, personally discussed the different forms of locks in the market that was presented to different booths at the event.

In the first booth was the product station where Asia Sub Region Product Marketing Manager of Specterum Brands Inc., Alivin Tan, showed the difference of common deadbolt lock that most of Filipino’s use and Kwikset Smart Locks.

The participants experienced first-hand how easy it was to pick a lock on the deadbolt lock and witnessed how Kwikset locks worked wherein not a single person succeeded in attempting to open it.

Watch this video and see for yourself!

It was explained that from the traditional key-inserted deadbolt to the sophisticated touchscreen that has an additional safety feature, it also has the convenient and easy to use Kevo deadbolt technology that turns your mobile device to a door key.

Meanwhile, in the booth number two was the Style station wherein Kwikset showed the variety of designs and inspiration behind every door knob and lock from massive architectural structures like the Sydney Opera house to common household fixtures and materials.

In the last booth, Product Manager International for Kwikset, Kevin Sander, showed how every part of Kwikset products was made and tested to uphold the objectives of the brand and that was to provide safety to every households.


The Kwikset doorknobs were placed in a container and Mr. Sander poured a strong chemical and let it stay for a good few minutes, so we could see if discoloration will happen as it did with a German-made pair which can also be bought locally. As you can see, color still golden, no sign of damage.

Here’s another video to show you that Kwikset Locks are truly durable! Imagine yourself trying to saw the lock!

To see is to believe and for mommies like me, I’d rather test the product before buying rather than believe in sales talk. If you want the best security for your homes or offices, Kwikset is the go to brand!

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