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CalCheese: Healthy Wafer Snacks for Wais Moms #ChooseCalCheese

Afternoon snacking is a daily routine with my boys. I have this huge plastic box full of cookies, chips, biscuits etc and it’s important that I replenish each trip to the grocery. Most are healthy snacks though I admit that there are a few “chichiria”. I’d rather see them eat the “chi-chis” at home, than sneak behind my back. Now, there’s a new addition to their favorites – CalCheese!

CalCheese: Healthy Wafer Snacks for the Wais Moms

Got this package a few weeks ago and soon as the boys saw the CalCheese wafers, immediately opened the box. Good thing though, my teen boy was wise enough to take a few shots of the product before eating them. Only a few left for me to taste hahaha.

CalCheese: Healthy Wafer Snacks for the Wais Moms

This little one ate a lot and I mean a lot because the CalCheese box contained 20 sticks! His verdict? Thumbs UP!

CalCheese: Healthy Wafer Snacks for the Wais Moms

CalCheese was launched last May by Mayora Philippines at the City of Dreams. It’s a new cheese wafer biscuit made from real cheddar cheese and milk and a great source of calcium and vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, and B12. These nutrients help in a child’s development by boosting their immune system, strengthening their bones, and giving them energy all throughout the day.

CalCheese: Healthy Wafer Snacks for the Wais Moms

“These days, parents lead very busy lives. We juggle our work, family time, and errands all in one day, but we make sure that our kids get the best, especially when it comes to food,” explained Maica Rivera, Brand Manager for Mayora Philippines – Biscuits. “This is why I’m happy to introduce CalCheese to the wais Filipino moms because I believe it is a snack the whole family will come to enjoy and love.”

CalCheese can also be given as your child’s school baon or snack for recess. This way, you are assured that your kid is still eating healthy even in school!

CalCheese is available in supermarkets and sari-sari stores nationwide in 53.5g (photo below) and 8.5g (the one I got above) variants.

CalCheese: Healthy Wafer Snacks for the Wais Moms

Moms and their kids can also watch out for the nationwide CalCheese School Tour where Mayora Philippines will give out 1 million CalCheese samples to 500 schools. For more information visit

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Starting with biscuits made from a home kitchen in 1948, Mayora Group was formally established in 1977 and has grown to become a recognized global company in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry. Its products can be divided into 8 categories: biscuit, candy, wafer, chocolate, coffee, instant food, beverage, and cereal. Among Mayora’s well-known brands are Kopiko, Danisa, Roma, Energen, Torabika, Beng Beng, and many more.

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