These days eating healthy food has become a challenge because we’re surrounded by fastfood chains advertising those yummy quick fixes which in the long run will greatly affect our health. I could probably do it for a few days, stick to the diet and look away when hubby brings home some sinful snacks, but weeks or months, I’ll bet I would backslide, lol..

I know that a well balanced diet is of great importance especially for a borderline diabetic like me and since I’m already in my 40’s, the habit could defer well-known sickness like obesity, heart disease and the big C amongst others.

As of the moment, my main concern is losing weight the proper (still healthy) way and not those crash diets I’ve seen on tv and heard from my friends. I’ve been researching and most of the time, eating a well balanced diet is deeply stressed in each article I’ve read. There are also many specific foods out there that can help you lose weight and supplements that aid the process.


Celery and radish can be used for snacks and will help alleviate those unnecessary and unhealthy “in between meals snacking”. What I do while munching on it? Thinking it’s my fave nachos or chips, lol.

Drink plenty of water, at least 8 full glasses a day. This has been one of the main rule of thumb in weight loss. Not only does it help cleanse your body by flushing out toxins, aids in hydration, but it makes you feel a bit full than usual when taken right before a meal. Instant diet!

Most people oh so love pork, chicken and beef, taking no notice of the healthy goodness that fish dishes bring. We should gradually lessen those mentioned meats and incorporate fish in our diets. With that said, weight loss process will be speedy and our body will be in great shape. Also this way, we are setting a good example to our kids.

White breads, anyone? Instead of buying these, try whole grain breads, much healthier. Just imagine the amount of unhealthy carbs – sugars, preservatives!

One of the healthy beverages I know is Tea and I don’t like it hahaha.. But since it also aids in weight loss, well I had to “stomach” it and just think of a reduced waistline eventually, lol.

For supplements, I take Garcinia Cambogia, mixed in coffee or tea. I’ve read much acclaim about this fruit relating to weight loss and some friends are swearing by it. Initially, there’s after taste but in the long run, you’ll get used to it. I don’t experience any side effects such as it being a laxative, but my bowel movement has improved. Toxins are flushed out, my skin feels brighter, my weight went down 10lbs since I started a few months ago. I may not be losing weight that fast, but at least I’m doing it the healthier and sure way. If you want more info on this fruit and supplement product, here’s a sample site you can visit and buy garcinia cambogia.


Before I forget, don’t use sweeteners and read the ingredients, some are harmful to our body.

When I do grocery shopping, I always see to it to take time and read the labels especially those products that I’ll be buying for the first time. Hubby gets mad coz it’s taking me a long time though hahaha.

Remember: no crash diets, stay away from fastfood quick fixes, lessen sweets and carbs, prepare a healthy snack, quench thirst by drinking water or tea, eat small frequent meals to train your stomach, go for low calorie substitutes and you’re on your way to a better, healthy you in no time!

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