I can still remember the excitement when I found out I was pregnant for the very first time. Waited 8 years for my second born, felt like it was the first time again lol. Both pregnancies didn’t go smoothly, were on bed rest most of the time, the only thing that kept me sane were the frequent trips to my OB for ultrasound tests and saw my babies alive and growing inside me.

We all love seeing baby pictures, but nothing beats those images from the womb, because those are your first ever glimpse of most awaited new members of the family.

The ultrasound procedure is not painful at all and for me kinda relaxing every time that cool gel is being applied to my ever growing stomach. A handheld scanner device is rubbed across the gel while the doc checks the monitor. While I can see what’s going on inside me, I’m definitely confused when it comes to interpretations, lol.

Since I had Gestational Diabetes, each ultrasound procedure was nerve-wracking! My first-born has congenital hydrocephalus, and if it weren’t for that particular ultrasound test during my 7th month, my son could have been in a worst condition today. As for my second child, on my 6th month, it was all joy and tears because the doc didn’t see anything wrong with him.

You see, it’s really important to have these ultrasound procedures, because it can tell you an awful lot of things about your baby, healthy or not!

3D Baby Ultrasound

A baby ultrasound is a necessary part of prenatal care in that it can often detect any potential problems before the actual birth. Among them, improper positioning of the child or irregular heartbeat can be diagnosed with a baby ultrasound. In addition to showing an image, a baby ultrasound also allows the parents to hear their child’s heartbeat for the first time.

At the end of the medical session, the doctor will likely ask the couple if they would like to have a photo of the baby ultrasound. This is a terrific image that can be taken home and shared with family and friends. It’s also a wonderful addition to a scrapbook, which most parents want to own in honor of their child and all of his/her special, or first, accomplishments.

While a baby ultrasound is a necessary part of caring for an unborn child and monitoring his/her placement and health, it also provides the parents with a way to get a glimpse of their unborn child. But, what else can a baby ultrasound provide? It can solve what is, perhaps, still one of life’s greatest remaining mysteries. The sex of the child can be determined with a baby ultrasound which can provide parents with an easier decision when selecting the perfect baby clothing, decorating the nursery and requesting the perfect baby shower gifts.

A baby ultrasound should only be performed by a licensed medical doctor and in a professional setting for example sonography clinic Adelaide. Nowadays, there are packages you can avail and a choice between 3D or 4D images of your unborn child.

Every pregnancy is different and though with some women it is a horrible experience because of what they’re going through, but for sure, once they see their unborn babies, all sacrifices, morning sickness and whatnot will be replaced with nothing but love and excitement!

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