For moms who have tons of daily chores, window cleaning poses a great challenge not just in terms of patience but with time management too. Well, if you think it’s just an easy task, it can be if you follow the tips stated below in no particular order.

  • It may sound and look crazy but you know, I clean one window with vertical strokes and the other part with the horizontal strokes. This way, I’ll be able to see which one have streaks.
  • I use a squeegee for large windows to avoid further streaking the glass. I find it streak-free if I run the squeegee’s dry rubber first on the dry window. Begin from the top then carefully slide to the bottom.
  • For those hard to clean corners, use an old toothbrush or paint brush to clear the dust, cobwebs or whatnots.

Cleaning Glass Windows

  • Want your windows to reflect the sunlight so it shines? Use old clean cotton T-shirts or old cloth diapers from top to bottom. The material glides smoothly on glass thus giving it that perfect shine. If you have a spare unused blackboard eraser, wipe it over the glass just like polishing motions but window glass must be freshly rinsed and dried out to achieve that brilliance.
  • Another great DIY you can use is the ever popular wrinkled newspaper! Must be slightly wet, crumpled and start from top to bottom. It will provide the glassy shine you want and leaves this flimsy like protection from dust.
  • Sometimes there are persistent soil, grease or other debris from your window panes and it just wouldn’t budge! What you do is grab those baking soda or ammonia and carefully dip an old toothbrush and brush them away.
  • When drying out your windows, use swiping motions in just one direction, either purely leftwards or rightwards. Don’t start from left to right then continue swiping back to left. Left to right then lift over and back to the left.

Tried to make it sound easier and simpler and I hope it would really make the task not too challenging next time. But if your windows haven’t been cleaned for years and the task will need to be handled by pros, if budget permits by all means call for help! In case you’re in Australia and looking for a window cleaner Sydney, you’ll be surprised at the number of companies offering this service.

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