Your business logo may be more important to success than you may realize. Statistically, people are more drawn to memorable images when it comes to consumerism. Having your brand out in the open can keep your business in the minds of customers as they relate the graphic to your product or services.

Social Media

Websites such as Facebook and Twitter are excellent locations to display the logo. Sites like these also allow you to change the background of the profile. This could be a great location to show the inside or outside of your establishment. It makes the social engagement aspect feel more inviting and approachable.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are an excellent promotional tool for your business. Whether it’s for a discount or a specific amount, these items are quite popular for birthdays or the holidays. Having your logo printed on these custom gift cards helps the recipient identify the company with the product. Using company colors to offset the background can also be beneficial for creating branded memory.

Custom Gift Cards

Employee Badges/Name Tags

Badges or name tags allow customers to identify with employees on a more personal level. Adding the logo to these forms of identification help others associate the business with the employee. It can also help to separate your staff from those in the store wearing similar colors or clothing.


Many cash registers are capable of printing images onto receipts. This is additional focus on your business through graphic media that can be seen even if the person drops the receipt on the ground. It may be beneficial to include the business address and phone number as well. Think of it as additional marketing for future purchases from the customer or others looking at the strip of paper.

Email Correspondence

Adding the company logo to your emails denote a sense of professionalism. It can also allow the recipient to identify your company at a glance. In most cases, a simple JPG file can be attached to your email as a signature automatically. The email program you use may have features that will allow you to make minor adjustments as well.

Many large corporations have demonstrated how a logo alone can sell a product. In fact, there may be several items you buy on a semi-regular basis based purely on the image provided on a box or bag. Help people remember your business by the image presented. It may boost future sales and increase the organization’s reputation.

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