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Energize Your Decor With Unique Floor Lamps

A lot of attention is given to overhead lighting and table lamps. While both of these can have a dramatic impact on the functionality of a space and the appearance of the room, there is another lighting option that can impact your decor. Floor lamps are no longer the mundane, generic style lamp from grandma’s day. You can immediately get an idea of how exciting and unique floor lamps have become if you click here.

Unique Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are not just for living room reading areas. Because of the diversity in modern floor lamp designs, you can incorporate one into some unexpected areas of your home. A slim, trim, ultra-modern floor lamp with a minimalistic shade can easily become a part of your master bathroom decor. Simply use it to illuminate a corner of the bathroom that would otherwise be an uninteresting space void of decor. Depending on the exact design of your entry way, you might be able to include a floor lamp in that area.

Another unexpected place for a floor lamp is in a teens room. Modern floor lamp designs go far beyond a light at the top of a pole. Take a few moments to check out some white acrylic spheres or some colorful plexiglass floor lamps. Lamps such as these would be ideal for a teen’s room or a game room.

Modern floor lamps can become a piece of artistry in your home. Their designs are stunning, sophisticated, elegant, unique and sometimes a little quirky.

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