The Christmas season is upon us and some people have already started buying gifts for their loved ones. Have you crossed out all that’s on your checklist yet? Well, mine isn’t even halfway through and I feel that I’m running out of time and options!

Here’s another tip to share that is if your receiver is a music enthusiast especially if most interested in guitars.

My sons have their own as well as my husband yet I’m still browsing for a new one because my eldest want something in the type of Acoustic-Electric guitars. Though I know it will be a little more out of the budget but he’s been doing great in school these past few months and it will be Christmas soon, so I think it’s rather timely.

I found some yamaha acoustic electric guitars online and I was smitten with one! I once played guitar during my younger days and I know my son will be elated too!

Yamaha APX500II Thinline Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar

There are many other choices but my eyes are glued to the above.

Giving gifts makes me happy but I would be more than satisfied and happier when I see someone’s eyes shine bright when they open their gifts this upcoming Christmas!

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