Do you love to sing or is a professional singer? For sure you know the importance of a good microphone especially to those who sing professionally. It can ruin a good voice and it can definitely ruin your career.

So, how do you choose a great sounding mic?

  • First of all, will you be using this at home or as your personal mic in all your concerts?
  • If for home videoke use only, you can go for cheaper ones yet will give you quality output.
  • For concerts like those international singers who only use their customized microphones, a high-quality, branded and expensive ones are essential.
  • Price matters especially if you have a tight budget, so choose accordingly
  • The quality of sound output is an important factor even if it’s just for home use. Of course, you wouldn’t want to waste money on a tin can sounding mic.
  • Durability is also of the essence
  • Comfort is another thing.  When choosing a mic that catches your eye, hold it and feel it in your grasp. See if you feel comfortable or it’s not too big or small in your hand.
  • If you don’t have time to shop for a mic, then you can purchase one via the internet. Read some reviews and go with your guts and thinking of all the factors listed above, you should be good to go.

 photo ShureSM48-LCVocalMicrophone_zps7f7328cb.jpg

An example of a fantastic microphone is the shure sm48 grille at musicians friend. This unidirectional dynamic Shure Vocal Microphones can be used professionally such as in recording studios or broadcast reporting. Has high quality sound for a great performance and less feedback. To know more details, visit the site.

Somewhere deep inside all of us is a hidden talent in singing, we just have to nurture and hone it if we want to make it as a professional career. Me, I had my time in different singing competitions and in fact won in some. My kids have potentials too though not really leaning on making it as a possible future career.

Now that you know the tips, use it to your advantage before purchasing your own microphone.

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