If you are anything like me, who endlessly buys DVDs and just toss them in a drawer for future movie marathons, then you are also a mess, lol.

Yeah, I’m a DVDholic if there’s such a term, because I hardly go out to watch a movie and eat my fave popcorn. I’m ever so busy with everything that time is of the essence, so I feel that going to the nearby movie house means spending and wasting precious time. I know.. I need occasional breather and watching would make me relax a bit.

So my solution, instead of going out or renting, I buy DVDs of movies I so wanna watch but can’t. At least at home, while doing chores, I can play a movie and watch at the same time! It’s like hitting 2 birds in one stone, lol.

With that said, my collection is piling up and filling my drawers fast! I gotta think of some way to make them more useful!

So, I scoured the net for a dvd cabinet that can also serve as a wall decor beside the entertainment system.

This is what I got and sure as hell a bit expensive but at least all my DVD collections are in one place and added beauty to a bare wall…

DVD Cabinet

You can also put in your book and music cd collections in there.. such a multi-purpose cabinet!

Hubby is really happy coz finally they are well organized and at least when he wants to watch something, he can easily pick it out from the rest. Unlike when they were all in several drawers, you have to pull them out one by one ’til you get to the one you really wanna watch. Such a waste of time, really…. Now, I’m happy too πŸ™‚