We all have that one special man in our lives. They brighten up our days and put a smile on our faces. It’s great when the opportunity arises to thank them for this. However, it can be challenging to find the perfect gift. You want your gift to represent your gratitude but also just how well you know them. The following article lists some creative gift ideas that probably never crossed your mind.

Foosball table
Think carefully before you choose this as your gift. This gift will be around in the future and may become a distraction. You have been warned. Now that you’ve been warned, what guy hasn’t at some point wanted a foosball table? This will take him back to his dorm room and truly is a rec-room classic. A must have for any sportsman.

Foosball table

Code Wallet
Everyman needs a wallet. It’s a necessity that most men don’t put much though into but a nice wallet really makes a statement. It’s time to admit that the man purse is not going to happen and get over, let move on. This wallet is different from your average leather wallet. It’s a slim leather case that can hold a phone and six cards. Pretty much everything thing you need.

Dismiss this if your guy doesn’t enjoy reading. Only choose this option if you have similar tastes in books or if he has mentioned a book that he would like. This idea does require some thought. The best thing about book presents is they don’t just get forgotten about straight away. Books provide long periods of enjoyment when it’s a story that you can’t put down. Pair some bookends with this present to complete the theme.

Knit ties
Put a new spin on an old classic. It is the latest trend seeping into the hipster scene. If your man works in business then this gift is going to be a necessity.

This is a no brainer. Don’t you want your man to smell lovely? This is more a gift for you than him but he doesn’t need to know that. You’ll know what scents he likes, you can work this into what you like. Compromise will make you both happy.

Don’t dismiss silly little gifts like custom stubby holders, beer glasses and clothes. They may not be your main gifts but they are great ideas for finishing off a basket of gifts. Sometimes you just need something small.

Creative Gifts for Father's Day

Just try not to stress about your gift too much. In the need he’ll love it because it’s from you and that’s all it takes. Your gift will be perfect no matter what.