Doing some maintenance at home or even a major renovation takes a lot of effort and time thus sometimes, it’s taking a toll on our health and life. Well, who said it’s that easy?! It’s never easy more so if you’re the only one managing all that.

But, you know things need to be done and no matter how stressful it may be, you just gotta make things happen, right?

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So, to make this endevour a pleasant undertaking, below are some tips to do the work with a big smile and sunny disposition:

  • Prepare and plan your daily work. This will lessen the mistakes thus saving ample time for any other additional touch-ups. Go on a research hunt and watch videos on youtube about a forthcoming project for the kitchen. It helps to know what exactly you’ll do or even just to help you remember how to varnish the cabinets properly.
  • Know what perfect materials and tools to use. It’s bad that you’re wasting money by choosing something that won’t fit or match like a handle bar. Also, canvass for cheaper but durable materials, to help you save on money. You can check out sample handles at or any hardware near you.
  • Ask for professional help if you have an extra budget.
  • Ask your family for help. It’s always a happy time when the whole family lends a helping hand. Plus, you can make this sort of a bonding and learning time. You get to teach your children how to value house chores and use tools properly so that when they are all grown up, they’ll be better persons.
  • If you are short on the budget and cannot afford to pay too many workers, you can also ask friends and even the entire community (if you are an active member) to pitch in and help with minor tasks. This will lessen the stress and worries about finances and you also get to do things together. But, make sure that when they need you, to return the favour or be the talk of the town for not helping.
  • Put on some great music! Make those helping you dance and sway to the beat while hammering your soon to be kitchen table! Music especially if they’re fave ones can eliminate tension and stress and make work lighter.
  • It’s not bad to take a break once in a while. Prepare some snacks and cold lemonade while chatting. Take your mind away from the task for the meantime and enjoy the company.
  • When no one’s available to help and you are all alone, don’t fret coz you can still make this an enjoyable stint. Play your favourite fast songs and sway your hips while working steadily. You’ll be amazed how fast you were able to finish painting that cup board! Also, music can take away stress and helps you forget any pending problems with the home improvement plan.

When everything’s in place and your portion of the house has been renovated, it’s time to shake it and have a small tea party for all those who helped you make your dream kitchen come true.

Finally, you deserve some R&R in the nearby salon or spa. Go ahead and tend to those aching muscles and rest it easy for a few days.

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