Life is dull and boring without music. For me personally, that is. It’s the one thing that kept me alive during college days while mending a broken heart, lol.. Music makes me feel relaxed these days after doing house chores and getting all work done online. It’s my companion during lonely nights when hubby is working the midnight shift.

Musical Notes

When I’m so busy and can’t seem to squeeze in a proper exercise, I turn on my fave ’80s New Wave music. The chores I do at home replace the exercise routine and the music, well, it helps perk up my sleeping senses.

Imagine doing the huge loads of laundry that piled up for over a week. Envision that as your exercise for the day. Ain’t it crazy? For sure you’ll be so tired and sweaty when you’re done with the last piece of cloth, lol.

Play your fave fast songs, this way, you’ll wake up those snoozing senses so you can at least tone those muscles and burn unused calories. Listening to your favorite music can enhance your hearing sense. For sure your sense of touch will be busy working on those clothes, lol.

When hubby’s home and he’s on one of his regular days off, he plays the guitar and like serenade me while I’m washing the dishes (hahaha). Cute and romantic actually, more so when the tune is jazzy which is both our fave. Sad that he has to let go of one of his sound effects and got the boss pedals for sale.

Anyway, I can do a lot of things when there’s music playing. I’m even writing this article while Tears for Fears is on, lol.  No joke, I work better when there’s music in the background. Makes me more lively and my senses all tuned up.

Try it sometimes and incorporate music in anything you do! You’ll be amazed how much work can be done in a jiffy!

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