When you have children, keeping them physically active is a way to set good habits into motion for the rest of their lives. Encouraging your kids to get active and to understand the benefits of physical health can be done by living a healthier lifestyle yourself to making a few changes around your home and the way your entire family lives as a collective.

Be an Active Role Model
In order to truly encourage your kids to get active and to lead healthier lifestyles, it is important to be an active role model yourself. Children often learn their habits, both good and bad from their parents. When you are an active parent who is involved with sports, walking to destinations and participating in physically-challenging activities, you are more likely to have an impact in your child’s own eyes on what it means to be healthy and physically active.


Purchasing New Sports Equipment
Another way to help with encouraging your children to become more active is to shop for new sporting gear such as kids bicycles, athletic shoes, basketballs, baseballs and other equipment that may be appealing and useful to them. Install volleyball net in your yard or consider investing in a swimming pool to help with encouraging physical activity with your children.

Be Your Own Transportation
One way to show your children that physical exercise is not only necessary but “normal” is to walk, bike or even run to various locations. Showing your kids that they are capable of transporting themselves from one location to the next destination will help to improve their outlook on physical activity and what it means to use their body when trying to achieve a goal.

Educate With Food and Nutrition
One of the most influential methods of teaching your children about being healthy and staying physically active is to introduce them to the proper foods and diet that is right for them. Educating your kids with food and nutrition will help them to stay active and to develop positive eating habits for the rest of their lives. Introducing them to vegetables, fruits, fresh meats, nuts and seeds will help to create a relationship with food that is healthy and not detrimental to their own health and well-being. The more active you are with providing the right foods for your kids, the more likely they are to eat in the same way once they are grown and no longer relying on you for the food they eat.

Encourage Exercise
Whether your child enjoys playing sports, walking or simply jumping on trampolines, encouraging exercise regularly will help to instill positive habits and outlooks on getting physically active and healthy. When you have younger children, consider implementing a “family exercise night” or a “family sport night” to help with encouraging your kids to get active while having fun. Creating a positive atmosphere for physical activity will help to keep your kids looking forward to staying healthy and physically active. You can also discuss enrolling your children into the sport of their choice to not only help them with staying physically active, but also to help them with group activities and improving communication.