I’m at a loss right now.. first time parent of a teenager.. or something like that.. I know that this too shall pass but how long I can handle the stress and heartaches.. I don’t really know..

For those of you who are parents of teenagers, you know the feeling and you know that it’s not easy to raise them more so if they have behavioural problems.

Teenage Problems

I was once in that stage and since my son reached that age, I have been constantly reminiscing my teenage years like was I like this or that? It’s not comparing me and him at all, but I looked back to see if I gave my parents terrible headaches and yes, heartaches and if this is what others say – “it’s in the genes”……..

Some of my friends who also have children “coming to age’ sometimes joke around that they are preparing themselves so that when the time comes, they’ll be ready. But, the question is, can someone be really ready when they reach that point?

For some, this rebellious stage is a normal daily happening and it’s affecting the family dynamic tremendously. It all start with insubordination, constant acting out and sadly, foul or bad mouthing. Initially, it’s just minor squabbles about some things but eventually it will escalate to more serious problems. All members of the family will be affected and as disheartening as it may be, will cause even the break up of parents.

I’ve also started reading up articles in the internet, somehow appeasing myself that there are solutions out there. I’ve read countless and realized that I am not alone, that there are also some parents who are experiencing this at the same time and groups were created so that those who have surpassed the trials successfully can help us who are in dire need of answers.

Today, I am deeply saddened of what transpired yesterday. I never thought it could happen or that he can think of such things. My heart is heavy and so is my mind and soul for I vowed to raise my kids the best way I can. I cannot falter because my kids need me and my husband needs a wife for he can’t go through this alone.

As my grandpa said to me while smoking his hand rolled cigars when I was in my teens, “you were born to be stronger than you can imagine, therefore, don’t let people and situations put you down. Let the memories of your past mistakes be your guide, so that you may see the the truth and the answers behind it all”.

Do you have a teenager? How do you handle them?

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