As the Earth develops, the changes in the environment can obviously be felt and seen. Different calamities are continuously occurring and fresh air is highly affected. Air contamination can bring different diseases that can harm people of all ages. Good thing iq air filters were developed and introduced in the world market today. This could be a great help to maintain fresh air inside the house and prevent harmful effects brought by air contamination.

Iq Air Filters

A sufficient supply of fresh air is important as this is essentially needed by our body. As what I can observe nowadays, air is very contaminated that’s why lots of unknown and harmful diseases are occurring and make people sick. I couldn’t really understand why such supposed-to-be responsible people are not taking any actions to prevent this kind of problem. Air pollution is one of the major problems faced by the Earth today. Whenever I walk down the street, drivers are not aware of the smoke belching out from their vehicles. They should be informed about this to minimize pollution problems. Also, plastics are being burned by irresponsible people and this is a wrong practice which should be stopped. Smoke coming from burned plastics is very harmful to the environment as well as to the people around the area. Imagine how many lives will suffer because of the wrong doings made by those people who don’t have any concern with their fellow countrymen.

Each people need fresh air to stay healthy and well. This is one of the most important things that we need aside from food. I had an experience living in an air polluted place and made me regret to have such experience. Most of the days I’m sick because our area was surrounded by constantly smoking residents, improper waste disposal and increasing number of vehicles emitting harmful smoke. How I wished that I could just disappear from that location in just a blink of an eye! But, then we had no choice.

Luckily, things went 360 degrees and my parents got hold of some fortune and we moved out from that side of town. I pity those kids who are growing up there and inhaling what could be detrimental to their health. I just hope that the government can find solutions so that they may all live healthier and longer.

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