I’m a stay at home momma and yet, peace and quite is elusive. But of course! When you have kids more so if they are still little ones, there will be no peace at home,lol!

So, in order to keep my sanity intact, I need some outlet! Shopping comes to mind, but, I can’t always go out and shop always. Besides, I wouldn’t want to go overboard the monthly budget or my hubby will have a fit, hahaha.

So, what else can I do without ruining the budget and still make me one happy, stress-free woman?

Yoga Routines

Well, there are plenty that comes to mind but Yoga seems budget-friendly plus it can give me some sort of relaxation even at home. So, let’s see what it can do to my over-stressed body, mind and soul….

  • Yoga helps release hormones which in turn gives relief to your whole being.
  • Doing yoga activities frees your mind from all those stressful problems
  • When you are relaxed, you gain insight on problems at hand thus “sees” the possible solutions clearly
  • If you are one depressed mom, Yoga can help you concentrate more thus giving you back the mental strength you used to have
  • When you do Yoga, not just your mind and body is being cleared of negative thoughts but also your spirit.
  • Yoga brings you closer to your inner-being thus relieving all symptoms of depressions.
  • Yoga breathing exercising calms anxiety thus those suffering observe lessened attacks
  • It helps you concentrate more on positive energy than negative ones

Okay, so if you have already decided on going Yoga gaga, what should you wear?

If you don’t have the budget for a proper attire like elastic tops, pants and yoga rubber shoes, you can actually just wear a regular loose t-shirt and shorts plus no one will know that you are using your old rubber shoes. As long as you are comfortable with what you are wearing and that it does not hamper your moves, you are good to go.

For Yoga props like pillows, power straps, mats or unfilled sandbags, you can either buy or use makeshift ones. You can check out a cheaper yoga pillow at yogadirect or find something to use that could replace it if you really don’t have any money to spare.

Doing Yoga isn’t just for those who has money to pay for classes or trainers. You can do it at home too, as long as you know the proper movements so as not to break a bone or sprain your back. Though if you have severe depression, regular Yoga routines might not work for you, so you need to consult a professional for a customized workout.

Personally, and I know that my depression is just superficial (lol), Yoga at home will be the best recourse to chase the stress away. Why don’t you try it?

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