Crystal is a high quality form of glass. It’s produced with lead oxide which creates light reflection. The rainbow of light reflection is the quality that makes crystal so interesting and desired by crystal collectors and gift recipients.  Crystal pieces are delicate and need to be handled and cleaned with care. Keep in mind, most damage occurs when cleaning or moving pieces. Therefore, you must be careful each time you clean a crystal piece or move it to a new location.

Crystal Fine China

Here are a few tips on how to take care of your collection:

  • Sometimes, we want to move our decors either to clean them or place them in a different angle or position. Always carry one item at a time, wrap your hands around it, than hold it using just a few fingers.
  • Do not wash them unless necessary. You are posing a greater risk of breakage due to mishandling or unforeseen accidents.
  • Protect them from soiling and dust by placing them in a dust free area such as an enclosed curio cabinet, rather than washing them too often.
  • Be sure they are kept well back from the edge of any shelf.
  • Keep them away from oil residues. Placing them in a cabinet prevent them from getting broken.
  • To remove dust, use a hairdryer on a cool setting. Never use a hot setting or you risk melting it.
  • Fine crystals and glassware are subject to cracks and breakage more so when subjected to extreme heat or cold.
  • Never light a candle when it’s already standing on a candle holder. Light it before you put it there.
  • Do not place your crystals in a dishwasher.
  • If you really need to wash it, make sure you use warm water with a drop of mild lemon liquid soap and 1/4 cup of ammonia to prevent spotting. Rinse in clean warm water and let it dry on a dish rack
  • For fingerprints, spray it with a small amount of glass cleaner then wipe it gently with a soft cleaning cloth.

Using care and common sense when cleaning your crystal items will insure that they last for many years to come. You don’t wanna break a priceless gift or an expensive collection, do you?

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