You’re reading this because the title caught your attention, right? Or maybe, you are one of those women interested to have yours done. Don’t worry, no one will know you are reading this but for your benefit, please read on and be informed. I know this is a sensitive issue but I’m sure you’ll be enlightened, somehow.

Breast Implants

Do you even have the slightest desire and considering breast implants? Perhaps breast reduction or a lift? Are you wondering how it would feel during and after the procedure? So many questions and you want some answers before finally deciding on getting one, eh?

You are lucky because nowadays, women can choose how they want their body to look. A few decades ago, a woman has to live with whatever it was given her naturally. Some would sneer at the thought of “changing” what is “original” but, for those troubled souls who want to have a big change in their lives would think otherwise.

Breast implants/reductions/lifts are major issues even in this high tech world. Not every one agrees at some point. It is always an issue of “being small” or “just want to gain confidence” versus “religious violations” or whatever it is they call it.

Every woman wants to feel great about herself including her body. It calls for self-confidence and self-contentment. If you are not happy with your body, you have a choice. I’m not saying you go ahead and just do it. There are certain things you need to ask your self first and must seek the advice of other people close to you.

Here are some factors you need to consider before finally deciding to go ahead with the procedure.

  • Cost – Nowadays, this procedure has gone down from highly expensive to more affordable. Those interested to have their breasts done are somewhat surprised at how much it costs now. But, if you don’t have a budget of approximately USD$8,500, the breast implants cost today, then you need to really think about this coz it will burn a hole in your bank account or credit card if you don’t have lots of extra money to spend for it.

    In cases of health issues like your large breasts are causing severe back aches, then see if your health insurance can cover the cost or just a portion of it.

  • Less Invasive – Unlike the “old times” when this procedure was called an “invasive surgery”, because of new technique, it lessened the “intrusion”. Since this procedure is becoming less and less invasive, it means that the cost is also getting more affordable over the years. These days, in some cases, it can be done as an out-patient procedure and leaves only a minimal scarring to none at all. Small incisions can be done to make the scar less noticeable or just a tiny one that can be mistaken for a birth mark.
  • Society – If you are concerned that you will be the talk of the town or laughing stock of your so called-friends, well, you are not alone, many other women have done it! I mean, this isn’t something illegal or preposterous. Women of all ages and from all walks of life have done one procedure at one time or another.ย  I have friends who “went under the knife” to be beautiful, they are proud of it but not too proud to be arrogant about it. If you would read interviews by popular actresses, they do admit it that they had something done and not ashamed of it.ย  You won’t even know sometimes that the lady sitting beside you in the bus had a breast implant. Well, unless it is so huge that no one would miss it at first glance lol. Sometimes, you don’t even know it unless they will tell you.

If you feel unsure about your decision to get a breast implant, lift or reduction, think about what other people said that their friends hardly noticed it. Check and talk to the doctors how they go about the procedures and if they can minimize to none at all any scarring. Though there might be some people who knew your physique before and after and they might ask if you had your breasts done. Be prepared for this, think about what you will say to them without hurting their feelings or yours in the exchange of comments. Those people who readily support you with your decision will understand your reasons and will be by your side no matter what.

Finally, whatever you decide, be it a Go or Not, I just hope that you made the right one for you. Love your self, you’re the only one who can give your self what you deserve.

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