Freshwater pearls are the “Queen of gems”, they are worn by thousands worldwide, and they even represent the symbolism of love. These gems can be passed down from generation to generation and each time they become that more valuable and special. These perfectly imperfect gems are made naturally from a living organism; thus, creating them to be original and a one-of-a-kind item. Fashionista’s all over are producing more pearl trends because of their versatility to be dressed up or down.

pearl necklace pearl necklace

A great new accessory for the summer would be a pearl necklace. This new addition to a wardrobe over this season would make limitless possibilities for outfits. Whether this special someone is going out to town for the night, or simply going to run errands, the simplicity of the accessory gives her a confidence that is purely created from the gems themselves. Hurry and find yours before it’s too late and make a tradition to pass it down to someone else.