Living Green

In order to save the environment and to cut back drastically on energy costs, you should definitely think about going green. It’s a smart move in today’s economy. And best of all, your great-grandchildren will thank you for your efforts.

One of the more inconvenient truths about green energy, no pun intended, is that technology still hasn’t allowed us to harness the full potential of the sun without an investment of thousands upon thousands of dollars. However, for outdoor lights, water heaters, and other smaller appliances, solar power works very well! Your yard lights can run for free using the sun.

Windmill of your life

Having a windmill on your roof isn’t going to cut your costs to zero. But it can supplement your electricity. You can drop a bill of around $150/month to under $100 by investing only a few hundred in a wind turbine. You can also save even more money by making the turbine yourself.

People pay thousands of dollars for lighting upgrades in their homes. These lights, of course, use electricity and light bulbs. With a skylight tube, however, you can simply enjoy the natural light. When the sun is shining directly through the lights, it’s also creating heat. So you can save on heating fuel in the winter.

Solar Panels

One of the best uses of the sun, as evidenced by our planet, is its ability to heat. Its heat is transformed into electricity through the use of solar panels. But with a hot-water heater, you can use the sun to ensure that you always have hot water and you won’t have to worry about any type of electrical system at all.

Cars aren’t very sophisticated machines in terms of how they operate. They burn fuel to create the driving force. They don’t have to burn gas per se; they can also burn a lot of bio fuels, like vegetable oil, spent motor oil, and other oils. You can have a conversion to help your automobile handle it.

As with a hot-water heater, you can harness the sun’s full potential when it comes to heating your pool. Want to take a dip in the fall or winter? Well, the wind might be very cold, but the sun’s still functioning the same way. This means that with a solar system, your pool can be warm year-round. These types of systems are also quite affordable when compared to home energy solar systems.

If you were to purchase energy-efficient windows, or even if you weatherproofed your home with the right type of insulation, you could earn some serious tax rebates from the government. It might seem like a hefty investment, but you may be able to get back every penny you put in, so all the savings henceforth become profits.

Green Living

Going green is the way of the future, like it or not. We’re actually lucky to be alive during such a period. Take full advantage of the different solar and wind options out there and work toward saving money on your bills while helping the planet.

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