During my younger days, when I was still single, I was a gimikera. It means, I’m hardly at home. Apart from being in the office from 8am-5pm, by night time, I was with my drinking buddies or danced with my boyfriend in a disco somewhere. I wasn’t a drunkard nor an addict dancer. Those drinking sessions, most of the time, I’d only consume 1 or 2 bottles max and in some days, just a glass of orange juice. I was a bit wild, but not really to the extent that I painted the whole town red, you know what I mean…

There were times that my friends and I would just jump into the car and see where it will take us. We were free spirited girls and thought that we had the best of times. In some cases, when we don’t feel like going out, we just hang out in another friend’s place, played our fave new wave music while chit chatting about boys or pigged out in front of the television or played scrabble, chess, Gala Bingo and monopoly. Well, those were the days…

At that time, everything seemed cool but little did I know that those not so good things I did, will finally take it’s toll when I turned 30.  Well, that’s another story and if you like, you can read it HERE.

When I became a first time mom, I was thrilled! Actually, the moment I found out I was pregnant, I couldn’t believe it. I was so happy that my wish finally came true. It felt like a start of something new for me.

When I gave birth and there were problems, I vowed to myself that I would do anything to protect my son. I’ll give him all the love and care he needs. It’s only proper to prioritize him and put myself second only. Gimmicks were no longer on my list and I’d rather be with him than anybody else. So, for many years, there wasn’t a time for ME, but no regrets whatsoever. I did it for love 🙂

Work at Home Mom

So, what I’m trying to say here is, I badly need a ME time now. After giving birth to my second child, I got tied up again, mind you, I’m not complaining. I just want some time for ME so that when I get back, I’ll be full of renewed energy and can carry all the loads for many years more. It’s not bad to think of myself now that the kids are doing great. Maybe a trip to the spa and have a well deserved massage or to the salon for a hair colour retouch and nail works. A few long time friends are planning on going to Baguio and if my husband permits, I’d really like to take a few days vacation.

These ideas, though it’s literally for me, but you know, this will make all of our lives a little easier. I’ve become one impatient momma during the years plus forgotten to take care of myself. If I’m able to have some time for ME, I’ll be back fresh, renewed, more alive, patience level extended and well rested. This will do me good and the family.

I just hope that the vacation will push thru. I’d like to spend it with the whole family, but then, it won’t be a ME time after all. Other mom’s will understand my dilemma and I’m pretty sure they want some “ME” time too. 🙂


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