If you find the moving process a stressful experience, how much more for your kids. However, moving in to a different community and adjusting to a new environment present positive opportunities and experiences. It allows the child to develop strong identity, improve social interaction, learn new things, and pursue interests despite the relative changes.


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Here are some tips on how to help your kids deal with the moving process:

Understand That Age Matters

As a parent, you must first understand that the child’s age and personality can affect his perception and attitude toward the moving process in general. Different age groups may require different attention.

  • Infants and toddlers cannot fully comprehend the complexity of the moving process. How it affects them depends on your reactions. To avoid confusing the child during and after the transition, treat them with great care and sensitivity.
  • School-age children will be more likely concerned about adjusting to their social life, making new friends and fitting in with the new environment.
  • Teenagers may need more attention and patience from you. During this stage, teens are able to understand the circumstances but may resist change. They are establishing the groundwork of their identity, and when moving, they feel that it threatens their stability and goals.

However, some children are capable to handle this sudden change despite their age. They maturely support the transitioning phase and eventually thrive in the new environment.

Get Them Involved
Kids are full of energy and they can contribute greatly to the moving process. Let them feel that they are part of the transition by giving them some responsibilities. Ask them to do little things like pack their toys, clothing, and other household items. It is much better that they are the ones who will choose which of their personal things they would like to discard and keep. Keep them busy by helping you with the planning, the packing, and the moving process itself.

Furthermore, if you are settling, say, in California and looking for apartments in Orange County, consider your kids and ask for their suggestions. Allowing them to air their own opinion gives them a sense of control and belongingness.

Provide Emotional and Psychological Support
One of the parent’s concerns is that the moving process can cause emotional and psychological shock to kids since they are emotionally attached to their old home. Making new friends, building new relationships, and adapting to a new residential area can be stressful. Make sure you maintain healthy day-to-day camaraderie with your kids to help them overcome this transition.

Above all, communicate with your children and make the moving process easier and less stressful for them. Make sure you explain to your kids the reasons of the move and that it’s for the best interest of the whole family.

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