It’s scorching hot these past few weeks and I’m having a hard time coping. Good thing we have an a/c in the room which makes sleeping at night a comfy one. Though during daytime, the whole house seems like an oven slowly roasting me while working online.  How I wish we live in the cooler part of the world, say in the US and in those luxury condos I see on tv.  That would be an awesome way of living but I’d rather stay in condos downtown Austin, so I’ll be near my relatives. Happiness can make one forget about the heat.

Back to reality, lol. Since I’m in a country where summer is most awaited and rainy season hated, guess I have to think of things that would make me happy while drenched in sweat hehehe.. On the brighter side, me sweating means shedding old skin cells for a renewed glow and burning excess fat meaning I’d lose weight in the process hahaha..

So, how can I beat the summer heat and be happy afterwards or even for just a few hours? Here are a few things I always do (and don’t do) that won’t cost you that much:

  • Dip/Swim in the pool (if you have one)- This is my ultimate “body heat stabilizer”! Since I have hyperthyroidism, my body produces excessive hormones thus making me feel hotter than normal. You can’t imagine how irritating this is! I could live in the pool during summer season ahahaha
  • Cool Beverages – I said cool but no so cold. When working, I see to it that I have a bottle of “cooled” water on my side table and of course, a glass of my fave juice won’t be far behind lol.
  • Don’t eat spicy food – this would make you feel even hotter
  • Shower at least 3x a day – I’d stay in the shower for at least 15 minutes and longer when the temperature is high.
  • Wear cotton clothes – cotton material is cool and air will pass thru if your clothes are not that heavy and thick.
  • Wear tube tops and short shorts – I’m just at home and this is what I usually wear. I’m more comfy with just a little less cover hehehe. Heck, if nobody’s home, I’d be wearing even lesser than that! lol!

If you have the budget, you can zoom away to the nearest beach or if you’re on tight finances, you can just go a watch a movie, at least, it will be cooler than your house.

I wanna go to the beach though i know it’s hot and the sun will mess up my beauty regimen. But, I’d be wasting the season if I haven’t gone into at least one vacation spot.

So, do you have a simple summer heat buster?

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