Whenever my friends ask me what my current source of income is, it is not unusual for me to get a weird look from them or astonished expressions when I tell them that I’m a work at home mom making money online. Apparently, there are still a lot of people who are not aware, or more appropriately, do not believe, that one can really earn just by being at the comforts of their homes by the use of a computer and a good internet connection.

By now, I’m sure you all know that I’m a mom who wants to keep an eye on my kids and husband just like how a usual housewife does it. I want to be able to witness every milestone my family makes and I want to be there anytime they would need me, and being a work at home mom helps me fulfill that dream of becoming the best mom and wife to my family. Currently, I’m a Project Manager for different clients for SEO projects and I have few Virtual Assistants who work for me. So technically, I’m some kind of a manager but I do everything from home, sometimes wearing just t-shirt and shorts. No need to travel for work, no need for make ups and making sure that I look presentable in front of clients, workmates, etc. I can even do my work in my pj’s. Now isn’t that great? Oh, of course brushing my teeth every morning just right before I go to my work station is essential, lol.

Every time I mention to my friends regarding my source of income, at first they do not want to believe me, and some would even think that I’m just being lazy, but after I show them some payment proofs from my online earnings, they would start asking a lot of questions on how I do it. Some would even tell me that they need to fill their cash drawers for their own family needs and doing additional online jobs would help them financially.

So if you want to know more about making money online, you can leave a comment or contact me via the contact form, and I’ll point you to the right direction. But be aware that being a work at home (full time or part time) mom requires a lot of self discipline and self motivation. If you think you have what it takes, then you’ll be successful. If you think you want to fill your own cash drawer, then you just need to “want it” 🙂