As parents, we would do everything for our children. Nurturing your child’s self-esteem and building his self-confidence requires a lot of responsibility. We would want our children to become self-sufficient and develop a strong character when they grow up and building his self-esteem is crucial to that development. His self-esteem stems from his feeling of belonging and being trusted that he is capable.

Our goal as a parent is that our child develops self-respect, feels good about himself and make them resilient towards challenges. There are a lot of tips on how to build self-confidence in children. But the bottom-line among these tips is giving unconditional love. When a child feels that he is accepted for who he is, regardless of his weaknesses and (lack of) abilities, he develops pride and self-love. Lavish your children with love and attention. When correcting bad and inappropriate behavior, make sure your child understands that his behavior is unacceptable, not him and he can change his behavior.

Giving him unconditional love means that as parents, we thread the fine line of supporting our children, protecting them and letting them go.  We need to learn to trust our children to do the right thing after teaching them their limits and assuring them they can do things.

We need to support healthy risks. Encourage your kid to explore something new. There is always a risk of failure (like encouraging them to make friends at the park and having kids don’t like to play with him) but we need to let kids experience failing so they can learn to appreciate success.

Listen well, and always celebrate the positive side of things, even the little details.


Mary is a freelance content writer and her current project is about natural thyroid treatment. She sees this as an opportunity to share information to her readers.

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