Yep, I’ve forgotten that one of my blogs made it’s first year mark in the Blogosphere. Been so busy with online work and in updating another blog with tons of giveaways that I have totally missed it’s birthday/anniversary.

Well, I’m talking about my fashion/mixed bag blog – Samut-Sari. Yeah, it’s been a year already and to date, still lacking online presence and virtual friends. Sad, isn’t it? 🙁

Therefore, I’ve decided to have another giveaway! But it ain’t gonna happen here. I know I promised a month or so ago that I’d be having a new contest here, but due to unforeseen circumstances, my Thanksgiving Giveaway was “shoved off the shelf”. My bad, I wasn’t able to prepare but don’t fret coz this new blogversary hopefully will be up on Monday morning.

Oh just a few things to reward the readers I have over at Samut-Sari, nothing fancy like a cashmere throw or any gadget. But I do hope you’d grace and join my little giveaway though the prizes are not as grand as my very first contest. Mechanics should be fairly easy too, so don’t worry about getting crazy will all the hype.

Will update on the happenings pretty soon. Please watch out for it 🙂

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