C’mon move it! That’s what I always tell myself when there’s a long list of things to do or when I’m bored of the day to day tasks that never seem to end. Right now, I’m up to my neck with backlogs and I don’t even know where to begin. Though I’m a result oriented person, I sometimes can’t keep up and it pains me when I fail to do what needs to be done.

I gotta do something! My work plan was disrupted because of unforeseen situations and the result, pain in the neck (literally) and back, migraine is back and been pounding my head consistently for days now plus I’ve been eating a little more than usual. Ain’t that a big problem!

I’ve been delaying a lot of things including some plans that was set this month. Nah, no moving announcements or sad ones, just joyful news that can still remain secret for awhile or until I can no longer stay quiet.

God has been good to me for as long as I can remember though there are times when the world isn’t what I expected.. and so I move on to something which can drastically change my life.

I know that things aren’t going smoothly especially with my online life, but there’s still hope after the storm. Move it! I say! Been uttering those words over and over again! Do I listen? Well, sometimes…

Soon, all these shall come to pass.. I know, I just gotta move it, move it!


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