Top 10 Picks for Emerging Influential Blogs 2011

Last year I voted my picks for the 10 blogs I saw fit to be on the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs. Now, it’s the last day of submission and I’m cramming. No thanks to my very busy schedule but at least I can still post this.

I’m a stay at home mom but usually in front of my computer when the kids are busy with their own schedules. I love to browse and read blogs of different niche and I get some kind of assurance that there’s still a world outside the four corners of this house. I would love to tell you something about a few that I usually visit.

So, this will serve also as my official entry for the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011.


This is owned by a friend and her brother. What I love about this blog is the different food trips they post and the “superlicious”  and “yummylicious” foodies they cook at home. Since Ken, Mhel’s brother is studying in a culinary school, they share to their readers whatever they’ve concocted. I salute these two because though they have very busy schedules, their blog is updated and ready to tease us and make us crave for whatever is in the recent post.


I can’t believe the success this blog is getting! Joy, is just a newbie in the blogosphere but at the rate she’s going, I think she’ll make one hell of a blogger by next year! I believe in what she writes and I also applaud her for the constant determination in making her blog become established. Her efforts are simply indescribable! She’s also a stay at home mom  and a great one at that!


If you’re a mommy, then this is one blog you shouldn’t miss to read. I mean, each momma needs some help and what could be the best source of tips, advices, parenting guide and whatnots than from someone who have also experienced the same trouble or problem you are having! The simplest thing can make a mom explode but if you have some sort of guidance, then at least a mother would see what’s coming. This blog can help you analyze then come to a solution.


I adore this mom and the blog of course. She simply can’t have enough of the online world! She’s a great stay at home, wonderful momma and very blogaholic! This blog keeps me sane because I at least know that someone out there in the world wide web who is as crazy as me. I can’t imagine how she can write on all those blogs (more than 20, I guess)! Ruby must really love to write to be able to handle all the stress 🙂


Levy is a fun loving blogger and an awesome mom too! Her blog tackles different topics from parenting, relationships, her daily thoughts, beauty and name it, she must have it under her category. This is one mom that you would like to hang out with. Her infectious laughter could send you to the highest high.


This mama talks about almost anything on her blog. You can read about her thoughts as a mom, her family, about the things she enjoys doing in the blogosphere and many more. The way she writes, you can feel that she’s a good person and really cares about what’s happening within her household and what she thinks of the world.


What better way to help Mother Earth! Ria talks about various green living ideas and how we can help save nature. Gee, this is an awesome blog because it’s informational thus giving us some insights about products we can safely use to a healthy living. I would love to have an advocacy like this!


As the name suggests, this blog is about beauty and lipsticks. Pehpot must love lipsticks that much because this is one of those “unique niche” that most of us haven’t thought of creating. I love lipsticks and I so love the theme she used for the blog. Hmm, this makes me wanna buy that Maybelline Lip Smooth Color and Care! I’m a fan of Maybelline and Avon so I need every review I can read before buying an item for the first time.


I salute single moms! Why? Because I see them as super moms! Not that married and happy mommies are not considered as super moms also but judging from the heavy cross and loads of problems a single mother carries on her back, ain’t it only proper to give them the full credit? This blog is a collection of joy, pain, tips and advices for those single mommies out there. You are not alone and you are most loved!


A blog won’t be a success if you don’t know how to handle one. That goes the same for building it from scratch or using a ready made theme. This is one blog where you can find tips on how to start and maintain a good running site. Problems on your theme? Check out the different tutorials and you might just find what you are looking for.

So there you go, my top 10 choice for this year’s Influential Bloggers!

But before I end this post, I’d like to thank the following sponsors who made this possible:

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  1. Top 10 Picks for Emerging Influential Blogs 2011

  2. Top 10 Picks for Emerging Influential Blogs 2011

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