I’ve been cooking up something since the first quarter of this year and what I’m talking about has already materialized but still in it’s early stage. Lots of things need to be accomplished before I can finally say it’s UP!

Heck, enough of the suspense and I’ll get right on,lol.. Some friends have already taken a peek on what’s new with me. Nah, I’m not pregnant, jeez, not now when things are really moving forward,lol.

I’m talking about a new site where I can freely talk about my kind of job online. Well, I’m a VA or a Virtual Assistant, if I can say professionally,lol. Though it isn’t the same like a professional working 8 to 5 in an office and having to face the traffic everyday. I work at home in my tiny office while multi-tasking taking care of the kids, the house and a husband.

Filipino Virtual Assistant

Yah, I started a new site, in fact there are two more on the way. I know that some might say that “here we go again, starting a new site and she cant update her other blogs often”.. To each his own, that’s all I wanna say,lol..

I just wanna share to other people the knowledge I have acquired and what better way is to put up a new blog where I can express and discuss the topics related to a Virtual Business. I know a lot of people who are seeking high and low for possible online jobs and who knows, my contents will finally pave the way for them to start earning.

I’m already a VA and Project Manager for some of my clients so I need to get ready for something bigger. It’s still in the works but I’d be needing more computers, long hdmi cables plus some extra hands. I’ve already got a team comprised of awesome personalities but soon as we launch another site, we hope to get a few more additional clients.

Earning online is possible and can be achieved. It’s just a matter of positive thinking and taking action. Since you are always online, why not delve for something more result-oriented.

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