I often see people wearing character shirts. In fact, I know some people who prefer wearing because according to them, it’s a great way to express themselves. There are t shirts which are often colorful or stark white but printed with designs that could be anywhere from subdued to loud. These t shirts are favored by most people because for them wearing one is an awesome way to put into words what really goes on in their minds. It allows them to say things which they would not be able to share verbally with others for fear of being taken out of context.

Funny T-shirts

These funny t shirts help people who are usually reserved to do a couple of things: be utterly humorous, be completely sarcastic in a fun way, be blunt and just be funny. Let’s face it, there are some people who know a funny joke when they hear one, yet they can never express themselves in that way or they aren’t too good at delivering punch lines. These funny, expression t shirts allow them to show their funny side. After all, didn’t someone say some things are better said when written?

You know what? I am actually planning on having matching t shirts with funny drawings and wordings custom made for me, my husband and our two kids. Then we can go someplace proudly wearing our matching t shirts. That would most certainly be a sight to behold. Come to think of it, I can even order those humor t shirts for reselling. I have an online store that is slowly inching its way to the hearts of consumers and those t shirts with a funny one liner would be a welcome addition to my inventory.

Maybe I can even compose my own funny one liner and have it printed on t shirts which I can give to my friends as gifts for their birthdays. That is an idea! I came across this website which creates customized t shirts with humorous messages and funny caricatures and they do so for an affordable price. You just need to send them the custom message you want and tell them of the design you have in mind, or if you have a copy of the design you can send the file to them, and they will take care of everything else. I would definitely check it out again.

Wouldn’t you wanna try and express yourselves by wearing t-shirts that speak your thoughts? Try it!

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