Blogversary Contest: Update No.1

Just a quick post here so those who are not in the mommy group I belong to will be updated on what’s keeping me busy these days.

Some of you are aware that my son was hospitalized last week and we just got home. So, it’s only now that I’m going to check all entries.

One Proud Momma

I’ll be posting updates re invalid entries, so please watch out for that. It will be a tedious task because there are hundreds of entries and url corrections to be made. Plus some sponsors are not replying to my emails re their sponsorship payments, so their back links will be taken down on all Blog entries.

Lemme just compose myself after many sleepless nights in the hospital and I’ll get right on validating and counting. I sooo want to finally know who are the winners, and I guess, so are you! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. crossing my fingers .. i’m glad that your little boy was finally ok.

    1. Thanks sis and goodluck!

  2. I hope your son’s ok now. Hirap talaga pag me sakit sa family.

    1. OO nga sis, kaya eto, ako naman ang me saket. ๐Ÿ™

  3. hi sis, just let me know where i should send my pledge, i remember asking you before but i know your super busy, thanks much.

    1. sent you an email already sis. Thanks!

  4. Hello Mommy, sorry hindi ako nakasali sa contest. been busy rin po, like you my baby was in the hospital this month and still recuperating after delivery. Thank you for hosting this giveaway po.

    1. Hi mommy. Okay lang sis, no worries. I pray that your newborn will be well soon!

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