I was reading a magazine the other day and the house of a celebrity was featured. In the article, the celebrity mentioned that when she doesn’t have any projects, she usually spends close to an hour or more inside her bathroom! Since she has a large bathroom, she decided to convert a portion of it into a walk-in closet and that’s where she placed her dresser as well. She has decided to make it her own little space so she had her laptop set up there and she even placed several of her books in one corner. That got me thinking that perhaps she installed one of the best bathroom light fixtures available or else she wouldn’t enjoy doing all those in her bathroom.

You might think that the actress has gone overboard but really now, bathrooms are often the most neglected part of the house when it comes to decorating. We probably reason that since it isn’t exposed unlike the living room or receiving area, we can get away with simple lighting there. However, the bathroom must be well-lit so it can be a well-functioning room. That’s probably what the actress thought so too, that’s why she tried to give justice to her bathroom. Looking at the photos in the magazine I could see that she had bronze bathroom lighting installed. The look and feel of the lighting fixture complemented the motif of her bathroom and it wasn’t too bright at all, just cozy perfect.

Looking at the photos made me wish that I could overhaul the bathroom in the master’s bedroom of our house as well. It definitely needs some sprucing up. After reading the magazine article I actually was inspired to start fixing up my bathroom little by little. I immediately browsed this online store selling different lighting fixtures and I was drawn towards their collection of polished chrome bathroom lights particularly the wall sconce vanity type lights. Of course the website offers more varieties of bathroom vanity lighting and other types of lighting as well like chandeliers, table lamps and ceiling lights all at affordable prices so I might end up buying more than what’s necessary.

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