It’s been a very busy first quarter of the year for the whole family because lots of things happened and many of our wishes and plans materialized and came true…

Last March, my eldest son who is just 11 years old, graduated from Grade School with honors. It’s another milestone for him. Some of you may not know that he is a special kid. He may not be like a normal child physically because of the major damages on his spine, though he has a shunt on his brain, he is a very intelligent and smart kid.

One Proud Momma

He also has a mild learning disability and ADHD due to Hydrocephalus, but this did not prevent him from going to school and getting awards every single year. We are so proud of him and of the things he has accomplished. Who would have thought that the fragile little baby I was holding in my arms over a decade ago, will turn out to be a young achiever.

One Proud Momma

We went thru a lot of trials and hardships during his growing up years. My son in his very young age, already went thru 5 major operations.

One Proud Momma

We are just glad and so thankful to God that he never failed to shower us with blessings and touch us with his hand. He is not completely healed yet, but I know that in His time, all will be well for my son.

“Thank you Lord, for all the blessings You are giving us every day. May we be able to return the love You are bestowing us.”

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