My kids oh so love toys! Be it an expensive or cheap toy, colorful or not, of different shapes and sizes. My 11 year old still loves to play with his robots and the little one can’t get enough of his teddy bears and Lego pieces. You may not believe this but hubby and I, when it’s bonding time, really enjoys playing “bahay-bahayan” (playing house) with a set of kitchen toys for me and small soldier pieces for hub.

We don’t allow our eldest to play games on the computer, PSP or PS2 on weekdays and exam period. He’s allowed during weekends only, provided that projects and assignments are all done. As for the little one, he’s just 3, so he plays anytime he wants.

When the kids we’re just about 8 months old, we gave them educational toys, which gave them a boost in learning the Alphabet and Numbers. Since my eldest is in Grade 6, we gave him computer games and activity books that will further enhance his knowledge of  the human body, our galaxy and a “game book” which tackle topics about the world we live in and how to be street smart plus there are sets of questionnaires that he can answer related to what he has learned.

My 3 year old is a very smart kiddo, well I think all babies are born intelligent. We bought him cars, a lot of cars, small ones and big ones. One day, we saw him lining it all up in one place and the rest of his toys, neatly follows in rows. Well ain’t that awesome! We didn’t teach him to do that though we have no idea if he learned or saw that on the tv, but i guess Disney and Cartoon Network have a lot to do with it, lol.. He loves stacking up his puzzle toys into one giant tower and when it falls, he cries while maybe thinking of what he did wrong. The next time,the tower is up and much higher than the fallen one.

One Proud Momma One Proud Momma One Proud Momma

We always get toys that has education values. I know it sounds like we’re running a school at home, but that’s the way it is. Kids their ages need to be pampered with information that can help them when we’re not around. One way to prepare them for the “real world”.

How about you, what games do your kids play? Perhaps you can share and who knows, I might get some ideas!