My eldest will be graduating in grade school this March. Funny how time flies and soon he’ll be off to get married,lol… Let’s not go into that yet, I need to deal first with incoming stress of having a teenager and acne.

I didn’t experience having that many acne or large red ripe ones when I was in my teens. Gosh that would be so embarrassing and I think I wouldn’t have the courage to go out and mingle.

Anyway, since my son is on his way to a stage where acne is a main problem, I gave myself a head start and read up on some of the causes and solutions.

One of the few articles I have read since an acne showed up on the side of my son’s nose (he was so embarrassed though it was just a small one), was about Accutane.

Accutane is intended to treat severe acne conditions, you know those red faces which are literally covered with big bumps. Note that my son just had one pimple and not really any cause for alarm. But since I’m on the topic about Accutane, I might as well give you the downside.

Accutane though a well known acne treatment, when used, causes some bad side effects such as Alopecia, severe depression, vision problems, bone loss and heart attack just to name a few. I mean, it sure is a great treatment for acne but I bet with all these other conditions that may arise after taking it would surely cause a lot of accutane lawsuit.

The article I read brought me to a realization that I am way too early to be stressed about acne and that one acne on my son’s nose doesn’t mean that he’ll be getting tons when he becomes a full pledge teenager. He’s just 11 by the way,lol..

I’m just being a normal mom with concerns including acne.

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