Today marks our 10 year anniversary as husband and wife. I am so proud to say that our marriage is getting stronger and we are still very much in love with each other. Actually, I realized that I love my husband more when I woke up today. Still in bed, I reminisced about our past and came to a realization that we went through so many trials but got passed it in flying colors. Those trials made us treasure, love and respect one another.


My husband and I met at McDonald’s. I was 17 and he was 19 and we worked there as service crews, both our first job. We became friends but nothing special happened, though he knew back then that I had a crush on him. We  got separated and headed on with our own lives. After 10 years, we met again and stayed in contact with each other and still just friends. A few years later and yet another failed relationship (mine), we started hanging out more often and suddenly realized that it wasn’t just a simple get together but we were actually dating! Ok, fast forward,lol.. We checked ourselves and found out that we were already falling for each other! So, we took it to another level and since then we can’t be separated..

I believe in true love and in meeting your soul mate. After a lot of heartaches, I prayed to God to make me happy, finally.. and He did! Not only that He gave me the right one, He gave me another chance at life. I was so devastated after that last relationship that I almost died. That’s a long story and one that I don’t wanna go through again. So I prayed, really hard. Prayed that the next guy who comes into my life, that he will be the last one and the right man for me and for the children that I’ve been longing for. God answered my prayer and made me finally happy.

Life isn’t perfect, but we can make it almost perfect. Love is – my husband and my kids. My husband makes me feel so safe, lovely, sexy in short a goddess. Most of all, he completes me. I know that’s one used up word that you always hear, but, that’s how I feel.

I saw this movie once when I was younger. Two old people walking hand in hand in a Holiday Parks in Switzerland. When they got home, they sat on their veranda, talked about the wonderful life they had shared with each other. Then they fell asleep, hands clasped together and the old woman’s head resting on his husband’s shoulder. The next day when their daughter went to visit, she saw her parents in that position. She went up to them and placed her hand on her dad’s face then on to her mom’s. She cried… because she realized that her parents died. They had gone to heaven still in love with each other.

In the years to come, I wish that the love that binds us together, will still be as strong as it is now or even stronger. That in our golden days, may we go through that stage hand in hand. May we see each other again and still be married to each other in our next life.

Love is all around us, you just have to know where to look. Don’t forget to pray and ask specifically what you want. If God thinks that it is good for you or will do you good, He won’t let you down. He has plans for us, but it won’t hurt to wish and pray for it 🙂

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