Yesterday, as I was checking and reading my emails, my attention was caught by a blogger friend’s post.  I couldn’t believe it at first, so I head on to her blog. True enough, my face was plastered all over ( it’s okay, Gee, it’s for a good purpose), because apparently I posted spammy comments on her blog. I reread the post, not believing what just happened and later on, it  finally registered on my mind, that it was indeed my face that was attached to those spam comments.

Grrr!! and more Grrr! Until now, I’m pissed! I calmed down yesterday but as I’m writing this, I’m getting mad again!

I investigated the matter and it turned out that my email was used in commenting on Gee’s blog. That same email I also use in most of my transactions and in commenting in other blogs. Now, I have to make another email address, change passwords etc. I hope what happened in Gee’s blog was the only one I spammed. But if there are other blogs, please inform me and I am really sorry but I didn’t spam you.

It was so embarrassing! Really, I am so furious and embarrassed but glad because Gee notified me immediately. Thanks again, Gee for being vigilant about this. At least now, our blogger friends are aware that this could happen.

I researched before I posted again a feedback on that particular post. I don’t want to elaborate was else transpired yesterday but just a bit of the story…. I found out that my neighbor was using my wifi.. and he knows me on the blogosphere.. I already posted it on Gee’s blog and the Barangay officials prompted me not to say anything in the world wide web until the matter is resolved.

This was a hard lesson I learned and I thought I was safe and invincible!

The whole story can be found here. Please read it so that you may be warned.

*** For the spammer who used my email address:

I hope you stop whatever you’re doing because it will come back to you tenfold! If you are getting paid for spamming, then the money you put on the table and feed your family comes from the dirty jobs that you do. MAHIYA KA NAMAN! If you’re a Filipino, I know you’d understand that but if not, I know you can understand English, so SHAME ON YOU!

Pasalamat ka me pinagaralan akong tao and I wouldn’t do anything else to further ruin my reputation! I will not stoop down to your level!

To those reading this, may you not fall prey to such scumbags like my scammer. Whooo! At last I can be at peace, though not eternally..

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