Funny How Time Flies

I didn’t notice that I’ve been gone for 6 days now. Again, I wasn’t able to update my blogs, blog hop, Adgitize and my SEO project for both blogs came to a stand still when a big sideline project came knocking on my door,lol..

I am very good in multitasking but these days, I just can’t find some time to even visit my blogs. Feeling guilty now, that’s why I decided to drop everything and at least post a quickie here.

My hands are tied,really. But guess what, I’m enjoying every moment because I love stress and pressure. I know I need to slow down because what I love is taking a toll on my health. Some of you may have read that I was recently sick, but I’m doing great now. Even though sickness had me on bed rest for a few days, I didn’t stop working. No thanks to my laptop,lol.

Deadlines are inevitable and lots of moolah are at stake. But when things cool down a bit, I’ll take a break. I hope I can stay away from my computer,lol.

I’m currently on a full time payroll but at least my virtual boss now trusts me. Received my very first salary and biggest online income so far last November 14th and $300 was really worth it. Boss said she’s giving me a $25 increase,yippee! You can check out my post HERE.

Aside from the regular job, I’m also doing a sideline project originally worth Php5,000 but since the client made a huge mistake in the instructions she sent me, it’s now Php6500. I hope they keep making mistakes ( I’m bad, I know,lol ).

Oh boy! This is supposed to be just a quick post, but I can’t stop blabbering, pardon me. I hope I can post again tomorrow but for now I’m off to blog hop *wink*

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  1. galing mo, sis! superwoman! 🙂

  2. Woot! I wish I could do VA jobs, too, but if I do, baka ma-hospitalize na ko sa dami ng ginagawa ko now *LOL*

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying and earning lots of moolah. Paramdam ka kahit once a week lang. Toinkz! 🙂

    I miss yah sis! 🙂

  3. kaya pala namiss kita, hehehe.. welcome back, congrats sa earnings, moolah christmas!

  4. I read your VA job and I wish I have the same oops that you have. I really love doing it when it knocks on me.

    Be a Lifesaver Of Goodness

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