Check out my new theme, ain’t it pretty! Was so excited the other day when Mhel/blankPixels uploaded the theme. I’m not done yet, I mean some portions are empty, so please bear with me. Gosh! So many things to do!

This is the design layout that I won in blankPixel’s contest My Ultimate Wish last May 2010. In some unfortunate reasons, the original designer went kaput! But I think it’s a blessing in disguise because all my requests were granted (Thanks Mhel *hugs*) and at least she’s a local and always available *wink*,lol.

Take note, this isn’t just a simple WordPress design. I am very meticulous and I guess I met my counterpart,lol. She didn’t stop until she has done what needs to be done. It took awhile before this layout was finished. Well, I wanted a lot of things done and the wait was worth it. If I can show you the long list (I can’t it’s a secret,lol), I don’t think you’d even accept me as your client *LOL*.

Mhel has her own site, blankPixels – The Geek Side, which will express her “geekiness” and love for gadgets, coding, internet, design, photography, just to name a few. It’s currently under construction.. why? She opted to do my layout first and labored until all is in the right place. As I said, I’m very meticulous. I can sense that she’s kinda a perfectionist like me,lol. Where can you get a web designer like that?

I like what she did, oh I love every little details. I’m proud to say that One Proud Momma is her first WP blog design, well except for her blogs, of course. And I think I’m her very first client too.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you, Mhel for a great job! For the sneak peeks that made me more curious on how it will turn up, for creating a custom layout thatΒ  perfectly suits me and for being so patient with me *hugs*.


I don’t need to ask which theme is better coz I already know the answer. What I wanna ask is – What can you say about my new theme?