No, this post is not about Handy Manny but inspired by him,lol..

My baby loves to watch Handy Manny. He’s usually glued to the television when his favorite shows are on. So, my hubby and I decided to buy him his own “tools”. When we got home, he immediately opened his new toys and even said “thank you Mamu” but his eyes fixated on the tools,lol..

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We watched him as he go through each tool, wondering what he’ll do next or how he’s gonna use it. I saw my hubby’s proud smile when my son got the screwdriver and pretended to unscrew the back of his VTech laptop. I laughed when he took the hammer and tried hammering the loosened screw. Gosh! Babies these days are really smart!

Photobucket Photobucket

See! He even pretended to fix the wall,lol.. So glad I was able to take photos!

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