I’ve been very busy these past 4 days and was not able to post here and in my other blog. So busy that I didn’t even had the time to browse my emails and Facebook. My world was spinning due to work overload but at last it’s all finished. It was a major sideline job that took most of my online time but at least it was worth it because I got paid big time!

I’m so blessed these last few months and I hope that God will shower me more blessings. Christmas is just around the corner and I need to save. Now that hubby is also working at home, expenses went down but this also means that we both need lots of online work.

I’ll be posting my recent payments on my money niche blog – Make Money Online, so stay tune for that.

One Proud Momma

Glad I’m back blogging. I truly missed this. I’m used to posting every single day and being away for a few days made me miss my blogs so much. I love B-L-O-G-G-I-N-G!