On September 16th, my little boy will turn 3. Funny how time flies!ย  And now he has grown into a hyper active kiddo and a very talkative one,lol.. He just can’t stop running and talking! Good thing we have a big house, plenty of rooms to play hide and seek, and lots of free space to ride his “twist car” and play catch me with “kuya”.

Since his birthday is coming up and we already went to Ocean Park for his brother’s birthday celebration last August, we’re thinking of giving him something that he will enjoy playing. More on the educational toys side, because my son can already read the Alphabet and count Numbers. Oh boy, we can sometimes hear him read what he sees on the television. Such a smart boy!


So, what educational toys are appropriate for a 3 year old? We already bought him ABC and Number Puzzles, and he likes that a lot. He has plenty of kiddie books handed down from cousins. He also have these shapes puzzle, the one where in you have to insert the right shape to get it through. So what else can we give him?

If you have a small child of about the same age as my son’s, what would you give him as a Birthday Gift? We’re open for some ideas here and we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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