My youngest has fever for 4 days now and the culprit (I guessed) is his inflamed tonsils. We brought him to the Pediatrician last night because his fever, on and off (high grade) and his breath smells really bad (up to now). The Pedia looked inside his mouth and true enough, tonsils are red and already has some pus.

CBC was requested to confirm infection and to rule out Dengue. Bad enough that the little one was scared of the doctor and getting sample of his blood didn’t go well either. It took 3 people to hold a 3 year old down so the lady nurse can take his blood. We had to use my baby’s jacket to wrap his arms and body and Daddy embraced his upper body, another guy held his left arm straight and I had to pin him on his legs. He was just a small kid but his strength was amazing! It took sometime for the lady to insert the needle because he was really fighting hard. It was really heart breaking to see your baby crying so hard, helpless, confused and looking at me and calling and asking for help. We kept saying “I’m sorry” that he has to go through it all. I sensed my husband’s pain too.

After a few minutes, it was over. He got up and embraced me so hard as if asking me, why did I allow it. Of course, a 3 year old wouldn’t understand but I hope my kisses and hugs were enough and made him feel we love him so much.

We need to wait for the result for about half an hour, so Daddy and I brought him to ride the Carousel, hoping all will be forgotten and that he wasn’t traumatized by what happened earlier.

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When the results came, it wasn’t Dengue and he has an infection. He was given an antibiotic and suppository for his fever because my husband and I are having a hard time making him drink his meds.

We were up all night because the little one can’t sleep well. He hates sponge baths so much and I know that when you have a high grade fever, the skin is so sensitive more so when you’re wiping it with a cold towelette.

Hope he gets well soon. I miss seeing him actively playing and hear him sing his fave tunes..

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